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Today's Devotional is from To Seed a Soul
To Seed a Soul... one woman's story of how God has grown her in His grace.

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Growing in Grace
It isn't your past that defines you, it is what you let God do with you because of your past, that defines who you become.
- Kassie
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Rainbow Answers

Rainbow Answers From God
When you first started praying, an answer was given, and I came to tell you because God loves you very much. So think about the message and understand the vision (Daniel 9:23).

   I always think of this verse when I think of rainbows. It is truly amazing the lengths God will go to answer our heartfelt prayers. This testimony is how God heard the prayers of my 12 year old son and moved in a mighty way to answer him.
   During the late spring of 2009 Devin, Mason, and Wyatt would stay for two weeks at a time with their dad. One Saturday afternoon, it was raining somewhat. It was more than just a drizzle but less than pouring and every so often it would clear up and be just beautiful. Around four o’clock in the afternoon, Mason texted me, and what follows is our text messages back and forth to each other. I want to share them with you so you will understand how limited our conversation was, and then you can understand and appreciate God’s work.

Mason: Where are you?
Mom: Home, why?
Mason: Hurry, go outside!
Mom: Ok, I’m outside, what?
Mason: Do you see it?
Mom: See what? Is it still raining over there? It’s stopped here.
Mason: No, it’s clear, don’t you see it?
Mom: See what? I’m looking around, don’t see anything.
Mason: Up in the sky, there are 2 full rainbows, one on top of the other!
Mom: Oh wow! No, I don’t see them, where are they?
Mason: Toward the mall, I can see them out my bedroom window.
Mom: Oh no! I can’t see past the high school. But I’m glad you can.

   At this point I went back in the house and pulled out the vacuum cleaner. It was peaceful, I was thinking about Mason standing at his window, wishing he were here at home, but glad he was enjoying the view. He then texted me again:

Mason: Please just stop whatever you are doing and go outside. Just stand still and close your eyes.
   So I walked back outside and just stood in the fresh air and closed my eyes. In my mind I pictured his blue eyes, his blonde hair, and his smile. I just stood there and enjoyed a few moments of fresh air. He texted me yet again:

Mason: Did you see it?
Mom: See what? You told me to close my eyes.
Mason: Oh, I was staring real hard at the rainbow and was asking God to let you see what I was seeing. Oh well,          I was just hoping somehow God would put it in your mind so you could see it.
Mom: Oh Sweetie!! That is so nice!! I didn’t see a rainbow, but I saw your face! I saw you smiling! I love you!
Mason: I love you too. Ok, well, talk to you later.
Mom: Ok, thank you!! That was so sweet. I will call you tonight.
Mason: K
   I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning, praying for my kids, asking God to please bring us the blessing He had promised, and just experiencing quietness. The next day, I stayed home and never heard from or talked to anyone else. It was kind of lonely, yet kind of peaceful. I went to work on Monday and it was no big deal, no big day. I left at five o’clock to run some errands and at about six o’clock as I was driving by my office on the way home and noticed that my boss had returned with some of the work crew that was coming in from out of the field.

   On impulse, I stopped in to say hello and grab a folder out of my office. When I went out to the shop, my boss was there signing some of the guys in. I stopped and chatted with a few of them and walked over to my boss. He asked how I was doing, how the day had been since he had been gone that morning before I came in, and where my boys were. We visited and then I found myself sharing with him what had happened on Saturday with Mason and how sweet I thought his prayer had been.
   My boss had the strangest look on his face so I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable thinking that maybe my sharing with him, in front of the guys, about Mason’s prayer hadn’t been such a good idea. After a second, he just looked at me kind of funny and asked, “This was Saturday?” I told him yes, that the boys had been with their dad at his apartment and apparently from the third floor he could see the sky out toward the mall. My boss started chuckling and said I should go out and talk to one of our truck drivers. The two of them had been out at one of the shop sites and had seen the two rainbows and our driver had taken a picture of them. I was amazed! So I went out to the bay and found him.
   Dear friend, you have to understand, this man is a really nice man, but he’s tall and kind of big, with a long mustache, work boots, and a baseball cap. He’s one of our truck drivers, a big burly guy, and not the kind of guy I would have ever thought of as a “rainbow picture taking” kind of guy. So I went out there and asked him, “You took pictures of a rainbow on Saturday?” He replied in a very Southern accent, “Well, hello there, Miss Kassie. Boy, did I! Pretty things! Wanna see them?”

   At this point I still didn’t know what to make of all this. So I asked him, “Yes, please could I see them?” He pulled out his phone and while I was waiting for him to bring them up I quickly told him about Mason on Saturday. He went on to tell me that he and my boss had been out on a site going toward the mall and he had looked up and there was an incredible rainbow, two in fact, one on top of each other, and that they had been very visible so he decided to take a picture.
    I was really starting to get excited and was wondering if it was what Mason had seen. The driver finally was able to pull the photo up on his phone, and there it was! It was so pretty, the lower rainbow was almost full, and you could see all the different colors in it. The second rainbow was up a little bit higher and one side was just starting to fade. This man had managed to move his phone up just enough so that pretty much the whole photo was of the sky and the rainbows. There was just a corner in which I could see some phone lines and down on the bottom of the photo it looked like maybe a tip of a roof top of sorts.
   I literally took the phone out of his hands! I stood there looking at it in amazement and mentally thanking God and thinking how happy Mason was going to be that I had seen his “thoughts”! As I was scrolling down the photo, I looked at the date and sure enough it was Saturday’s date, but what shocked me was that the time on the photo was 4:20! All I could think was that at the same time my little boy was telling me to just stop, close my eyes, and be still… while he was praying that God would somehow plant the picture in my mind so I could see what he saw, across town God was working up an answer to his prayers. At the same time Mason would have been praying, God was tugging at this truck driver’s heart to take a picture of the rainbows! I quickly pulled my phone out to show him the text messages and the time that Mason had sent them to me. I was so glad I hadn’t deleted them!
   Then I heard our driver ask me if I had a picture phone so that he could send the picture to me and he did!  I couldn’t wait to tell Mason! That evening when I got to call him, I said, “GUESS WHAT! YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE IT!” and I went on to tell him about what had happened. He was so excited and wanted to know if I had received the picture. I told him I had and that I would show it to him the next day when I saw him.

   Sure enough, the next day when I picked him up from school, the first thing he wanted was my phone. The look on his face was so awesome. He just sat there holding my phone and said, “Mom, that’s it! That’s what I saw the other day. That’s what I wanted you to see!”

   Dear friend, with tears in my eyes all I could do was say, “God answered you! But even in a more incredible way than you were asking. God gave me the photo of what you saw in a way that I could keep it and look at it any time I want. It just took a couple of days to get to me.”
    Mason sat there listening to me as he was looking at the photo. His reply was priceless. “Wow, I guess God really did answer me, I just didn’t know it.”
   I am truly thankful for this face-to-face encounter with God’s awesomeness. I am also very thankful that God answered Mason in such a way that he himself could see God’s handiwork. I am so thankful that we both learned a lesson that day: sometimes God answers us in amazing ways, but sometimes they might be delayed a bit.
Just think, if I had hesitated about sharing with my boss about Mason’s prayer, or if I had blown off going back to the office that evening, I would have missed God’s answer to us. I can’t help but think that sometimes God will answer us but we have to obey in order to see the fruit of His work.
   This makes me think of the time Jesus asked the crippled man on the mat by the pool if he wanted to be healed. The man said yes, but no one was able to help him. Jesus told him “Stand up. Pick up your mat and walk” (John 5:8). The man on the mat could have stayed there and thought, “Okay, I’m healed.” But when he obeyed Jesus and got up and walked, he experienced the fullness of Jesus’ blessings! But remember, he had to obey first. 
    Had I not obeyed what God was pressing on my heart to share, I would not have experienced God’s blessing and Mason would not have seen fruit from his prayer. I am so very grateful that through Mason’s prayers, many people saw God’s divine handiwork. God is truly amazing!

Have a blessed day!