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This ministry exists solely for the purpose of spreading the Good News of the Gospels, to make Jesus' name known, and helping others to grow in the whole counsel of the Word of God.
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  Today's Daily Devotional
       Let God's Word shine light on your step today
       as you grow in your relationship with Christ.
This is what the Scripture says: “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.”
(Heb. 3:15)
Devotional: Eyes Wide Open
Nov. 10th
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Isa. 32:2-4 (NIV)

Each one will be like a shelter from the wind
  and a refuge from the storm,
like streams of water in the desert
  and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land.

Then the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed,
  and the ears of those who hear will listen.
The fearful heart will know and understand,
  and the stammering tongue will be fluent and clear.

Sometimes we can go through the entire day seeing a lot of things, but totally miss seeing the hand of God. When we come before God and ask Him to open our mind, ears, and eyes; He will. Not everything that happens is a coincidence. Our God is not one of fate or luck. When we seek Him, when we look for Him; He will show us that He has been there all along.

Hello my friend! In today's devotional, I would like to share a testimony of seeing God's handprint
between myself and my younger son a few years ago.

One morning in my prayer journal I asked God to help me see Him in all He does in our lives. I asked Him to help me not to overlook any of His handprints in my day. I asked Him to help me to see Him in even the smallest things. That afternoon I picked up our youngest son from the Girls and Boys Club, and when he got in the car he asked me if before we went home, we could go to our “tree.” (This is a special place he knows that I like to go to sometimes to just sit and pray or be quiet.) So when we got to our spot, I asked him what was up. He totally amazed me, because in his youthful innocence, he said, “Oh, I don’t know, I just felt like coming out here and sharing something with you and then thanking God.”

So again I asked him what was on his mind. He said, “Well, it is really just a SMALL thing, in fact, it’s so small…I don’t know, I just felt like God helped me earlier at lunch….” Then he hesitated, thought about it for a moment, and said that maybe he was just being silly, and asked me not to laugh, but for some reason it had just touched him and he thought it was really a “God thing.” He finally went on to share with me how he had eaten a big breakfast at his dad’s that morning and hadn’t been hungry at lunch so he saved some of it. Since he had done this, later he had something to eat with his friends during an unexpected snack time. No, I didn’t laugh. It was a small thing, but in his eyes this small thing became a huge “GOD THING” and when I asked him why, he said, “Because I recognized it. I saw that even in this smallest, kind of silly thing, God’s hand was actually in it, and He was helping me.” Again I didn’t laugh; in fact, I almost cried. I was so amazed at how God had decided to show me He had been listening to me earlier. And, He answered me. He opened my eyes to see Him in the smallest of things. I showed my son my prayer journal and what I had written that morning. He smiled and thought it was awesome that the Lord would use him as a vessel to answer me. And in the process, God showed us both something.


At that time you will say,
   "Praise the Lord and worship him.
      Tell everyone what he has done
      and how great he is.
Sing praise to the LORD, because he has done great things.
      Let all the world know what he has done.
Shout and sing for joy, you people of Jerusalem,
      because the Holy One of Israel does great things before your eyes."
(Isa. 12:4-6)

My Friend, when we take the time to acknowledge and thank God for what He has done, when we can write it down with our own hand, later it is easier to recall and remember what God has said and done. Let us not be guilty of our ancestors’ sins of forgetting God’s wonderful deeds. Also, when we record it in our own writing, the traces of God’s hand, then the enemy cannot come back and rob us of memories of God’s faithfulness.

Have you taken the time to stop and look for the handprints of God in your life? Have you ever looked for God in the smallest of things? He has been there, ask Him to show you. My friend ask God to open your eyes to see His deeds, you might be surprised in all that you see.

Father God, we come before You today in thanksgiving. Lord, we praise You for all that You do, even when it goes unseen. Lord, thank You that You are always with us.
Lord, I lift this reader up to you, and ask You to open their eyes to see Your handprints in their  lives. Lord, I pray that You will help them to see You even in the smallest of things.
In Christ Jesus’ name,

My friend, have a joyful and insightful day.

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