Listen in your heart as the Lord whispers to you,
"All that you need... I AM."

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The Pathway of Faith foundation
Equipping * Encouraging
* and Teaching
This ministry exists solely for the purpose of spreading the Good News of the Gospels, to make Jesus' name known, and help others grow in the whole counsel of the Word of God.
A Worshiper's Heart Series

Listen with your heart as our heavenly Father calls you by name (HIS) and speaks
to you as if saying, “If you will let me, I will cleanse you and create in you a new heart.
If you will let me, I will heal you, restore you, and comfort you. If you will let me, I will
give you a new way of thinking and create in you a heart like mine.... Come lay your
burdens down and get to know Me, and learn to walk with Me, and you will find
that all you need, I AM.”
The core book in this series is also our  very first book that was published!

The Very Heart of Worship
and is available in two
different published versions

-- Also available in this series --
Knowing and Believing Who God Is
Which is a personal companion notebook

Greetings! We have several core series being worked on, with multiple books in each one.
The following blocks are brief summeries of each of these series with book listing for them.
NOTE: All of our books can be ordered from our online bookstore, or on
You can also ask for them at your local Christian Bookstore, just give them the book name and our name Cypress Ministries.
-- Individual book listing by name, with direct order link can be seen on the right side panel, below our quick web links. --
Reflections of His Heart Series
A Heart Like Mine

You cannot have a true heart for other people, unless you first have - A Heart for God.

When we seek to know the Lord's heart, He will work to create in us a heart like His that is reflected to others around us as He works to draw them closer to Him.

Spend some quiet time with the Lord as you seek His wisdom and understanding. Listen quietly as He whispers to you from His heart concerning His will, plans, and purposes for your life.
-- Also available in this series are 12 monthly journaling guides --
Come higher and grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord as you spend time in His Word seeking His wisdom and understanding. Journal your thoughts and lessons learned each day as God speaks and teaches you how He wants to work in you, and even more importantly, through you.
To Seed A Soul Series
The first book in this series is a journal titled Seeding Faith which contains three accounts of how first hand God moved to show us He was with us. The first half of this journal is our testimony, and the second half is for you to record the ways God moves in your life as you seek Him.

When we come hungry and seeking God with all of our hearts, He meets us-- He proves His Word true as He promises to let us find Him. And in the process, He feeds us, redeems us, restores us, and changes us as we grow in Him
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Growing with God Series
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Knowing our God
and Making Jesus' Name Known
Helping  to disciple others, so that they can learn
how to teach God's Word to others.
Please note that the main study book for these two series have not been released yet.
~ Quick Web Links ~

Names of God: memory verses

Victorious in Christ: A victory declaration statement

Today's Daily Devotional: daily insight into God's word

Reflecting on God's Word:  of God's love, mercy and grace

Today's Memory Verse: Finding hope and encouragement from His Word

A Call to the Weary:
A free EBook for those seeking encouragement & hope


Resources From Our FREE publications website:
LampPost Christian Publications

Today In His Word:
A daily Bible reading guide

Today's Guiding Light: A devotional style weekly Bible study

Ears to Hear: 
Faith building articles

Praying from His Word

Biblical Insights: Growing deeper in His Word. Includes Insights & Study Tips

Timeless Nuggets of Truth
Growing In God's Word

When Philip asked the man in the carriage if he understood what he was reading, the man replied, "how can I, if someone doesn't explain it to me..." and this is what this series is about. Here, we share study notes on all the books of the Bible, along with other insights to help others understand the Bible as they read it, and go deeper in God's Word.

Our Growing In God's Word actually has THREE books to it!
  • The full  commentary style notebook
  • The personal companion concordance
  • The personal  insights companion notebook
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Following as God Leads Series
Learning to follow God's leading in our lives in our daily walk
as we learn to follow His footsteps.
The following is a
Direct Ordering Link
for all of our
published books
(listed by Name)

- The Very Heart of Worship

- The Very Heart of Worship: special study edition

- Knowing and Believing Who God Is

- Seeding Faith

- Reflections of His Heart:
A Heart Like Mine

- Reflections Journals for:
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

- Growing in God's Word

- Companion Notebook

- Personal Insights Notebook

- Stepping Stones into God's Word: Part One

- Stepping Stones into God's Word: Part Two

- Covered in Prayer: As the Wife He Calls Me to Be

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following the Pathway of Faith
to Spiritual Health and Healing
as we come to Know God, Believe God, and Worship who God Is
Cypress Ministries

This series features our Stepping Stones into God's Word, and has two parts to it

Part 1: In the Beginning
Part 2: Following Jesus' Footsteps

--This series will also feature a free online study for those who would like to go through it with us as their study partner.
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