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Today's Daily Devotional
Let God's Word shine light on your step today
as you grow in your relationship with Christ.
This is what the Scripture says: “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.”
(Heb. 3:15)
Today's Devotional is from our series
Following As God Leads
Just as God led the Israelites day by day and even through the nights, so He desires to lead us. We only have to watch HIM, and follow in His steps as He directs us.

God has a certain place He wants each of us to be, and at certain times. If we will but trust Him, He will guide our foot steps each day at a time, and when we lay down He will watch over us, and even give us a cloud of fire to point the way as we week Him in the quietness at night.
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Devotional: God Still Speaks
Dec. 18th
Christ-Like Friendship and Support

Holding hands in fellowship with Christ-like friendship as we learn how to connect the truth of God's Word with everyday life, while walking through the pages of His Word.

From God's Words
(Job 33:14 NCV)
God does speak-- sometimes one way and sometimes another--
even though people may not understand it.

My Friend, God does speak to His people. He has no desire to be a "lofty" figure up high and distant from us. And, when He has a message for us-- especially when we have been seeking Him and calling out to Him-- He will find a way to bring it to us, in many different ways.

I truly believe that Scripture is true, that God does speak to us, sometimes in one way-- but sometimes in another, even if we do not realize it at first as it is happening.  I would like to take a moment to share with you one of the ways God did this for me a few weekends ago.

It was one of those weekends that got the better of me. I was just really sad-- in my spirit and in my heart. I had a lot on my mind, and even shed a few tears. On Saturday afternoon, my oldest son needed to run some errands for some work up at our office he was doing. So instead of going with him, I let him use my car. That evening, I didn't really want to get out, so I decided to let him keep my car overnight. On Sunday morning I woke up and there was a part of a song going inside my heart. It was a song I had not heard in actually quite a while, and it wasn't one the radio stations had been playing recently. As I was waking up, I realized in my heart-- I was "worshipping." I got up and let the dogs out, curled up on the couch and just decided I was going to listen to a sermon via an mp3 download and take my time enjoying a slow Bible study.

As strong as the song was in my heart; I was kind of surprised that the verse I knew it came from, didn't come up at all that morning. Not during the sermon, or my personal Bible study time. After lunch my son called and said he could bring me the car whenever I was ready, but I told him I didn't really have anywhere I needed to go, so for him to just finish up his project and keep it in case he needed to go get anything else.

Later that evening when I couldn't put it off any longer, I called my son to come get me so we could "swap." Because, I would need my car the next morning. So he came and got me. I took him back up to his apartment, and went over to my office for a moment. I watered the plants, picked up a few things, walked outside and look around-- just not in any big hurry to do anything else. A few minutes later, I got in my car and started it. My friend, the EXACT song I had been singing in my heart that morning was playing on the radio! In fact, it was at the EXACT part in the song that I had in my heart that morning!

My friend, God spoke to me through that incident! He showed me He had been with me all along, throughout the whole day, from the time I woke up and until I had finally called my son and got the car swapped back. It showed me an incredible thing that I would like for you to think about today: even before I woke up, God was preparing my heart to receive His message. Before I got out of bed, He was already speaking to me. And, it showed me that even though I wasn't aware of just how my day would go, or where my steps would lead-- He had already been there. He knew exactly what steps I would take.

Look at what Scripture says,

"In their hearts humans plan their course,
but the LORD establishes their steps."
(Proverbs 16:9 NIV)

    I may have thought that it was ME leading my steps that evening-- I'm the one that didn't really want to get out of the house. I'm the one that decided to water the plants... BUT had I done anything differently I would have been in the car at a different time instead of at the right time to hear the words to the song in my heart that morning. Oh-- and by the way, it was an older worship song, so  again, it wasn't like it was something new and was being played all the time-- every time you turn around.

What I realized is that the Lord was helping to lead my footsteps that day. It showed me that He knew what I had been feeling and He "spoke to me" even though I didn't understand it at first-- that morning. However He made sure that I would receive His message He wanted to share with me which was, "that He was with me."

So my friend, take heart, because God really does speak to us. Sometimes in this way-- and sometimes in another way. And sometimes, in ways we do not understand when at first it is happening.

Take care,


Hi there, I would love to hear from you and how God has shown His Hand prints in your life.
Have a wonderful and blessed day.
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