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The Pathway of Faith foundation
This ministry exists solely for the purpose of spreading the Good News of the Gospels, to make Jesus' name known, and helping others to grow in the whole counsel of the Word of God.
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following the Pathway of Faith
to Spiritual Health and Healing
as we come to Know God, Believe God, and Worship who God Is
Listen in your heart as the Lord whispers to you,
"All that you need... I AM."
Cypress Ministries
When we spend time in God’s Word, it prepares our hearts to receive wisdom and understanding from Him. His Word is living and it will convict us, cleanse us, direct us, and finally… it will grow us.

His Word is like a double-edged sword, and with the help of His Holy Spirit in us, it goes to the very core of our being, weeding out all that is not of Him and planting in us an assurance and peace that can only come from Him.

As we grow in His Word, we begin to hear Him more clearly, and  not only are we refreshed, but we are strengthened in our spirits as well. As we learn to walk in fellowship with God following as HE LEADS, we come to a point where we can have complete confidence, assurance, and peace in the decisions we have to make, knowing that HE is leading us in the way we should go.

~  Growing In God’s Word ~
Finding truth and understanding
as He teaches me.

From the series:
Growing With God
written and created by:
Cypress Ministries
Teach me, O LORD, the way of Your statutes,
and I shall observe it to the end. Give me understanding,
that I may observe Your law and keep it with all my heart.
Make me walk in the path of Your commandments,
for I delight in it.
(Ps 119:33-40 NASB)
The second section has several devotionals from our "Daily Devotionals."

However, the third section has a breakdown of the Bible's origins, how the Bible came about, and includes a summary of every book of the Bible, including an outline of all the different kings of Judah and Israel, and how the sons of Jacob became a nation. It is our hope that as we shed light on some of the more confusing events of the Bible, it will help you to have better understanding as you read His Word, and grow in your relationship with God.
Growing With God
This series is based on John 15 and Matthew 13. God is the vinedresser, and we are the vines that He has planted.

However if we do not stay “rooted in Him” then we will cease to grow. Jesus said, “if you abide in Me, and My Word abides in you….”  His Word, however, cannot abide in us if  the soil of our heart is hardened, it takes constant nurturing, tilling and weeding, if we want our hearts to remain good fertile ground that will bear fruit for the glory of God. Not only will this help us to bear much fruit, but we will also flourish like a Palm tree planted by God (Ps. 92:12-13; Ps. 1:3; and Jer. 17:8).

God’s Word also says He searches to see if there are any that seek Him for understanding (see Ps. 14:2), and WE do!

We at Cypress Ministries truly desire to know God and to have an understanding of His Word, because in doing so, we come to KNOW GOD, and can grow in a deeper (and abiding) relationship with Him. It is our hope that you will join us as we journey through His Word

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Overall, this book is designed to help you make the most of your quiet time with God, as you study His Word.

This book is actually a commentary style notebook that is divided into four sections. The first section is loaded with tips on how to make the most of your quiet time, and ideas for journaling and how to grow in His Word.
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Biblically Equipping * Encouraging
*Teaching*  and Life Coaching
Here is a table of contents for our Growing in God's Word

- Introduction
Part 1: How To Grow In His Word
- Making the Most of Your Quiet Time
- A Coat of Many Colors
- Finding Your Language
- Preparing To Receiving God’s Word
The Planting
Being Prepared
Nourishment From His Word
Taking in His Word
- The Living Word
- So Who IS God
- In Your Time of Study
- Hidden Treasures
Part2: Devotionals To Ponder
- Teach Me O’ Lord
- Are We Listening?
- Seeking God
- A Heart For God
- The Endurance of God's Word
- Coming Face to Face With God
Part 3: Understanding Of God's Word
- With Knowledge Comes Understanding
- Origins of the Bible
- Making Sense of the Bible In General
- The Times and Calendar of the Bible
- In A Nutshell: A Summary of Each Book
- Becoming a Nation and Its Downfall
From the Twelve Sons of Jacob
The Kings of Judah and Israel
- Tidbits On A Few People In The Bible
- Milestones in the Bible
- Seeing the Light of Jesus Throughout the Pages of Scripture
- Insights Into the Gospels
Part 4: Personal Study Notes From GOD’S Word
- Personal Insights From God's Word
About Cypress Ministries
About This Book
This notebook has several different sections with suggested key verses, and a topical study guide for you to use to build your own personal concordance, while you study God’s Word.
We encourage you to consider our personal notebook for Growing in God’s Word. It is created for you to record your daily reflections as God gives you insight and teaches you. This will be an asset you will enjoy for years to come as you learn how to become rooted and grow with God in His Word.
We also have TWO other notebooks that go with our Growing with God series.  However, you can use them for any of your personal studies.
Learn how to prepare to receive God's Word