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Thank You,
Cypress Ministries
following the Pathway of Faith
to Spiritual Health and Healing
Listen in your heart as the Lord whispers to you,
"All that you need... I AM."
We write you now about what has always existed, which we have heard, we have seen with our own eyes, we have looked at, and we have touched with our hands. We write to you about the Word that gives life. He who gives life was shown to us. We saw him and can give proof about it. And now we announce to you that he has life that continues forever. He was with God the Father and was shown to us. We announce to you what we have seen and heard, because we want you also to have fellowship with us. Our fellowship is with God the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. We write this to you so we may be full of joy.
(1 John 1:1-4 NCV)
To Seed A Soul
A series of one woman's personal life changing journey as she discovers God.
Seeding Faith-- Growing In Grace-- When Faith Blooms
In this series Kassie writes to you from her own experiences on how God truly does make Himself know to those who seek Him, and is willing to lay everything else down and says, "God Here I am."

From mountain top experiences, to her walk in the valley; and even through her "trip across the desert" as God led her from personal Egypt's into her promised land. She witnesses to you firsthand, that God indeed is Faithful. Join us as she share lessons she learned coming face to face with God as He healed, restored, moved, delivered, and taught her to walk in faith into all that He has promised her, proving God is faithful, fulfills the promises He makes. And that with Him, indeed, all things are possible.
A Journal to record moments when God steps in and we see the traces of His Hand.

When we truly have a heart that is hungry for God. He will move in our lives in amazing ways just to show us that He hears us, that He cares for us, and that He is with us.

He will move to show us that He is God.  Our part is to remember it, and to know that, "He who calls us, is Faithful."  One of the best ways to hold to our memory stones and keep our memory firmly planted is to WRITE IT DOWN.

When we do this, it helps us when we go through difficult times and walks through the valley. We can look back at what God has already done, and remind ourselves that God does not change, He helped us then, and He will help us now.

This journal features:
  • Lessons learned from our "Face to Face With God" encounters during a changing time in our lives as Cypress Ministries was first established.
  • Testimonies of two different amazing time when God moved to show us He was with us and answered prayer.
  • Personal journaling space for reader to record special moments that The Lord stepped in and showed that He was there during their walk with God.
This is an 8x10 sized journal with 110 pages. The first 25 pages are writings from Cypress Ministries, and the remaining journal is created in a customized way for you to journal your own God sightings as He reveals His hand in your life.
Priced at $8.50
Seeding Faith
Growing In Grace
Covered by the Hand of God

When we finally get to a point in our lives that God is ready to make His presence know; He will deliver us from anything that separates us from allowing Him to be God in our lives, and He will bring down all that truly isn't of Him that has kept us captive and unable to grow into who He created us to be.

God will takes us through a Red Sea experience delivering us from whatever "Egypt's" we may be in.

However, once the waters have parted and we are on the other side facing a desert that is between what (and where) we were and what He has for us, He doesn't leave us to figure out how to cross through on our own. He walks out into the desert with us, and leads each step of the way.

And as we travel, we are cleansed, healed, and transformed into a new person-- into the person He created us to be long before we were born.

He covers us with the shadow of His hand, and watches over us as He teaches us how to walk with Him. And in the meantime we grow, and as we do, it is all by the grace of God that we find ourselves redeemed and redefined.
When Faith Blooms
Coming into the Promises of God

When we are first set free, God will go to great lengths to show us He is with us. He will do things to show us that the God we have committed to is all-powerful and mighty. He will show us that the God we are following simply CAN.

As we grow He will stretch our faith, and teach us to trust Him. He will bring us to a point where all we can do is just BELIEVE when nothing else makes sense.

And as we grow into who He has called us to be, He will give us glimpse of the promises waiting for us. He will give us vision, and encouragement, and hope for things that are simply out of our reach. He will teach us who He created us to be, and what our purpose is in the season He is bringing us too.

God will give us dreams for our lives to hold on to as we go through the valleys and dark periods that stretch us and strengthen us. He will confirm His will in ways so that we will know we are on the right path.

And then when we are ready-- WHEN HE IS READY-- We will come into our promises He has made, and we will see that truly God is Faithful.

Seeds of Faith
52 Week Devotional

As we come through Red Sea experiences in our lives and cross the desert into His promises; God teaches us life lessons.

There are some lessons we just have to go through in order for them to help us to grow and be changed into the person He created us to be.

As God teaches us these life lessons, He also teaches us about Him self, and then He will move in ways to give us confirmations to show us that we have heard Him and are learning.

In this 52 week devotional; we share some of the life lessons God has taught us through our journey.

It is our hope that in doing so, it will help you to come to know our amazing God, and be able to see His lesson's in your life as you grow in your walk with Christ.
Sitting at my tree as I think about the journey God has brought me through.
Coming Soon: Maintaining Faith
"Your past does not define you. It's what you let God do through you, because of your past, that shapes who you become."

taken from
Growing in Grace
by Kassie from Cypress Ministries
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