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This ministry exists solely for the purpose of spreading the Good News of the Gospels, to make Jesus' name known, and helping others to grow in the whole counsel of the Word of God.
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Holding hands in fellowship with Christ-like friendship seeing how to connect the truth of God's Word with everyday life, while learning to walk together (hand and hand) through the pages of His Word.
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It isn't your past that defines you, it is what you let God do with you, and through you, because
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- Kassie
  Today's Daily Devotional
       Let God's Word shine light on your step today
       as you grow in your relationship with Christ.
This is what the Scripture says: “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.”
(Heb. 3:15)
Devotional: An Audience of One
June 19th
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(Ps 46:10 NKJV)
Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!

So often I think God brings us to a point where He desires it to be "just us" and He leans down and wants to know, "Is He enough?" Many times I have felt Him impress upon me, "All that you need, I Am." And then it seems like He waits to see do I really want HIM, or just what He can give me.

In the past week (as I write this) I have been tied up with a hurt dog, a sick child and then a hurt dog again. The child has recovered, however the dog has required two trips to the vets and lots of stitches. So I have had my "time" turned upside down, and forget about keeping any kind of schedule. I smile saying this because my son told me after two days of running a high fever, that he was sorry if my having to work at home had disrupted anything-- it was with great pleasure that I was able to tell him that my "job" was to be home with him, and that the wonderful thing about my work, is that my "boss" is pretty flexible. He looked at me kind of strange and said, "don't you work for yourself?" Which to my even greater  delight  I responded with, "Nope, I work for God." The look on his face was pretty priceless.

Now in saying all of this, on Saturday I was able to get away and head to my tree where I parked my car, and then walked down to "my spot" at the river. You see there is a spot that the boys and I found about three years ago  by pure accident-- which now I know to be a God thing. The thing about "my spot" is that half of the year it is completely underwater!

So anyway, on Saturday I decided to go down and  see if I could get anywhere close to it, or at least get to the spot I found last year (exactly a year ago in which I wrote the devotional "He Keeps Me"). I went to the bridge first to look out, and sure enough, I could make out just the barest edge of it. I was so excited! So off I go down the path to the break in the trees, and through the brush to my spot, and what did I see? Two white ducks swimming around together. It was so incredibly pretty. Of course it was muddy-- and my sandals are a mess-- but so worth it. I took some pictures, and then backed up into the little spot where I could take my sandals off and sit down.

God had totally captivated my attention! I sat for three hours in this little tucked away spot, and had the most wonderful time with JUST GOD. No computer, no phone (after I started taking pictures it started beeping low battery), just me and God. And do you know what He blessed me with? Total peace and a joyfulness inside. I watched the ducks, watched the water, closed my eyes and enjoyed the breeze, and just took my time looking around at the beauty of the little spot I was sitting in. And mostly I found that I could breath quietly and peacefully.

I found myself thankful that we hadn't had much of any rain this spring or summer, so the river bank wasn't nearly as high as it usually is this time of year. I also found that God had my attention. And I thought about when Cypress Ministries was first formed. Back then God kept impressing upon me "a pathway to Spiritual health and healing..." so as things started forming, that is what I wrote down. It is what He showed me... but then as I really started writing, it was about HIM-- His name, and who He was-- and still is now. When I started putting the outline together for the core study, "A Worshiper's Heart"  God just seemed to keep impressing upon me; "Listen quietly in your heart as God whispers to you, 'all that you need... I AM'" and so if you notice, this phrase is now on every page.

As I studied and wrote, I realized-- that this really is the pathway to spiritual health and healing. When we can finally get to that place inside of ourselves that we really do want GOD-- to know WHO He is to us, and IN us, and not just what He can do for us, we will find Him saying "Be still, and KNOW that I AM GOD." The thing is sometimes we really have to just let Him BE GOD.

My friend, sometimes we really do have to let go and trust that HE will work it out for us, and in us. So often when God wants to do something in our lives, He has to prune (or rearrange) things in our lives. But we have to trust that He sees the bigger picture, and if we will work with Him, instead of against Him, He will bring us to a place where we could not have imagined it, even if He had drawn us a picture. But in the midst of the upheaval, He leans down and whispers  to us and asks, "Can we love Him even in this? Is He enough?" Can we come away with Him for a spell and just let Him have us? Can we break away from everything else for just a little while and let Him pour His love out on us?

I truly believe this is where healing begins-- in an audience of one. Have you been there recently? Have you by chance heard Him calling? My friend, if so, then please take the call-- it is so worth what is on the other side.

   Father God, thank You for just being GOD. Lord, we praise You for just being mighty. We praise You for Your faithfulness, and Your grace.
In Christ Jesus Name,

~ My friend, have a wonderful day today,
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