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I say "we" (from Kassie) because I could not do it without my family and others God has brought
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Have the devotionals, articles, and study lessons been a blessing to you? If so, would you consider helping us to spread the Good News of Christ to others? We never ask for donations, but could greatly use any free will gift offerings so that we can continue to provide the many free resources we share. We don't make it a requirement to buy our materials in order to participate on our free online study groups. But these lesson do take a lot of time to prepare, so again its required but would be very helpful if you could partner with us so that we can continue.

Please know that every time you order one of our books, or share one of the devotionals, it helps to not only this ministry to continue to move forward, but it helps others as well, to understand how God's Word relates to our every day life.

We have an online bookstore called The Pathway of Faith Bookstore that features all of the books published for each of our different series that you can order from.

Below is information about how you can partner with is and the links. Also, on the right side bar is a direct ordering link  for our published books (as listed by actual title) from online bookstore. You can also find us on

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The following is a
for all of our
published books
(by Listing of Name)

- The Very Heart of Worship

- The Very Heart of Worship: special study edition

- Knowing and Believing Who God Is

- Seeding Faith

- Reflections of His Heart:
A Heart Like Mine

- Reflections Journals for:
  • January
  • Febuary
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • Septermber
  • October
  • November
  • Decemember

- Growing in God's Word

- Companion Notebook

- Personal Insights Notebook

- Stepping Stones into God's Word: Part One

- Stepping Stones into God's Word: Part Two

- Covered in Prayer: As the Wife He Calls Me to Be

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  • Also, if our daily devotionals and differient articles have been a blessing to you, and you feel led by God to help financially, then you can send us a gift offering to Cypress Bookkeeping (which is our accounting office for Cypress Ministies and The Pathway of Faith Online Bookstore), at 800 Iris Court Bloomfield NM 87413. Or simply use the paypal button below.
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Our office mailing address is Cypress Bookkeeping, 800 Iris Court, Bloomfield NM. 87413

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Christ-Like Friendship and Support

Holding hands in fellowship with Christ-like friendship while learning how to connect the truth of God's Word
with everyday life,  as we walk together (hand and hand) through the pages of His Word.